Convenience in two versions.

For every level of convenience and every budget: That’s the principle behind Becker’s wired automated drives. In the standard version, you operate your drive via a simple push-button, whereas the upgrade version provides an introduction to automatic operation.

Drives for the radio roller shutter systems

Our roller shutter drives for radio control.


Centronic; The Classic radio series from Becker. Durable, simple and flexible. Tried and tested over many years with many installations all over the world.

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Centronic Plus: Our latest development in radio controlled products and the evolution of Centronic. This new bi-directional radio generation gives status feedback allowing you to see the status at any time. Centronic Plus connects all transmitters and receivers into one powerful network.

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Drives for the wired roller shutter systems

Our roller shutter drives for wired control.


A drive that’s a class above the rest. It’ll meet your every need; from installation through to daily use. Detects obstacles and frost. Always one step ahead. High-quality and long-lasting.

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SMI roller shutter drive. For integrating your roller shutters into your KNX system.

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More security

Secure operation and secure protection against burglary – go to sleep and wake up in peace with Becker.

Save energy

A pleasant indoor climate meets energy-efficient living – a combination with a promising future.

More convenience

Timer, light sensors, app control and lots more – just really convenient!

“Made in Germany” quality.

We are driven by our commitment to developing solutions of the highest quality for you. This extends from the initial idea to the development, and right through to production and testing: We set ourselves the most stringent quality requirements at every step. And we use testing criteria that exceed the statutory specifications and DIN requirements.

It’s not just your satisfaction that we’re aiming for here. The reliability and durability of our products is our way of contributing to sustainability and the conscious and considerate use of our resources.