CentronicPLUS: The new generation.

Making a good thing even better. This is the aim of the engineers at Becker. That’s why we have developed our Centronic series to create CentronicPlus. This new bidirectional radio generation stands out thanks to the accurate status feedback, allowing you to see where your roller shutter is at any time. CentronicPlus also connects all transmitters and receivers to create a network where the devices can send signals to one another. This increases both the range and the transmission reliability. The powerful and encrypted radio frequency makes the control of your roller shutters even more convenient and secure.

Features of our CentronicPLUS radio control system:

Colour-coded LEDs indicating the status of the receivers being addressed

Reliable bidirectional radio

Interference-resistant radio frequency (915 MHz)

High-security encryption with AES-128

Extremely simple management thanks to the automatic detection of new devices and the receiver type (e.g. roller shutter, awning, radio socket)

Compatible with numerous control units from the Centronic II series

Simple commissioning: Add new participants to the mesh network with just a few clicks

No need for a separate master transmitter

Roller shutter drive with integrated CentronicPLUS radio.

C01A PLUS technical data and installation manuals.

“Made in Germany” quality.

We are driven by our commitment to developing solutions of the highest quality for you. This extends from the initial idea to the development, and right through to production and testing: We set ourselves the most stringent quality requirements at every step. And we use testing criteria that exceed the statutory specifications and DIN requirements.

It’s not just your satisfaction that we’re aiming for here. The reliability and durability of our products is our way of contributing to sustainability and the conscious and considerate use of our resources.