E01A from Becker: One drive for all situations.

Closing a roller shutter automatically is wonderfully convenient. But what if there’s an obstacle in the way? Or if the shading solution is frozen in winter? Or if the material is expanded by sun and heat? Becker has the answer to these problems in the form of the E01A. The drive features sensitive obstacle detection with reversing. So when there’s an obstacle in the way such as a garden chair or toy, the drive stops, reverses and moves away from the obstacle. An anti-freeze mechanism switches off the drive before anything breaks, such as in winter when the roller shutter slats freeze due to rainwater or condensation. And it balances out any changes in the length of the roller shutter by regularly referencing itself at the upper stop. During the next movement, however, it stops just before the upper stop again in order to avoid unnecessary noise. Becker is one step ahead, so your roller shutter drive also stays one step ahead.

Features of our E01A drives:

Sensitive obstacle detection in the DOWN direction for optimal protection of the application and the obstruction

Blockage detection: Switches off in the event of obstructions (e.g. due to freezing) and torque increases

Soft upper stop: The application is optimally protected by the soft stopping

Upper anti-freeze mechanism: The drive stops shortly before reaching the upper stop limit position; this position is cyclically monitored and corrected

Dynamic torque adjustment: The drive continually and automatically adjusts the required torque in line with the particular application

Fly screen protection function: Detects an open insect screen door and prevents damage to the system

E01A technical data and installation manuals

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