My roller shutter. My automation.

Having a roller shutter in your home is a matter of convenience, but manual operation is usually anything but. That’s why an automated drive from Becker will become an invisible helper. Whether renovating an existing property or planning a new build, our products allow you to operate your roller shutter fully automatically, saving both time and energy. And you’ll also be protecting your furniture against solar radiation or your house against burglary. Enjoy more convenience and always have things under control – you can do it with Becker.

More security

Secure operation and secure protection against burglary – go to sleep and wake up in peace with Becker.

Save energy

A pleasant indoor climate meets energy-efficient living – a combination with a promising future.

More convenience

Timer, light sensors, app control and lots more – just really convenient!

Radio control systems for maximum convenience.

Installation with no control cables. Really simple to install. And always convenient to use. These are the benefits of the radio control systems that Becker has developed for the wireless control of your roller shutter. Intelligently designed right from the start and always at the cutting edge of smart home technology.

Renovation: Rethinking roller shutters.

Modernising your home increases the value of your property and your personal living comfort. This is why the intelligent automation of your roller shutter is a sensible part of your modernisation. And if you opt for a Becker radio control system, you won’t need to create additional cable ducts for control cables in your walls. Technically easy to integrate and even easier to operate – for a long lasting way of increasing your property value.

New build: Modern right from the start.

If you choose to build your new home from scratch, it’s an investment for life. And you need to think in a modern and future oriented way too. And we think along with you. Becker has developed its products in a way that allows you to automate the roller shutters in your smart home with a high level of flexibility and without any particular technical challenges. Whether wired or wireless or via sensor, PC, a mobile end device or Alexa: control is incredibly simple and highly compatible with common smart home systems.

A good connection to your roller shutter.

If you would prefer to use wired connections for the automated control of your roller shutter, this is also a good choice. Becker has developed drives that respond cleverly to external influences. Whether obstacles, frost on the slats or minor material deformation due to temperature fluctuations, the model series from Becker adapts to these changes automatically.

“Made in Germany” quality.

We are driven by our commitment to developing solutions of the highest quality for you. This extends from the initial idea to the development, and right through to production and testing: We set ourselves the most stringent quality requirements at every step. And we use testing criteria that exceed the statutory specifications and DIN requirements.

It’s not just your satisfaction that we’re aiming for here. The reliability and durability of our products is our way of contributing to sustainability and the conscious and considerate use of our resources.