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Motors for Blinds

Motors for Blinds

There are many types of internal window coverings including roller, roman, timber and pleated blinds. They each offer their own style which will allow you to choose what may suit your own exquisite tastes. Internal Blinds offer a stylish way to cover your windows allowing you to reduce glare, reduce heat from the summer sun and they also offer a great way to protect your furniture and floor from fading or damage.

The different fabrics available will allow you to choose translucent, allowing some light to enter the room. You could also choose blockout fabrics which are perfect for bedrooms or home theatre rooms.

In winter internal blinds can also offer strong insulation values.

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Motors for Awnings

Motors for Awnings

External Awnings or Blinds are the most effective form of window covering to reduce heat in the home during summer. Most of the heat generated in a home or office building is due to the sun's rays hitting the glass. Once the sun hits a glass window and heats it up, there is very little you can do to cool it down. The heat generated here will then enter the home or office building, exacerbating the temperature inside. Once this has happened the only way to cool the building down is to use coolers, such as air conditioners, significantly increasing electricity costs.

There are many fabric types and styles available to suit your own taste and style as well as many different types of awnings to suit your home and your own individual needs. All offer protection from the sun and some will also extend your outside living areas providing shade for you should you wish to sit outside.

Automation of these awnings increases the likelihood of you benefiting from the sun protection aspects as the awning can come down automatically as required, depending on the conditions of the day. Wind sensors also help extend the life of your external blinds as they will put them safely away should the wind levels increase during the day.

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Motors for Shutters

Motors for Shutters

Roller shutters offer a stylish way to cover your windows as well as being an effective way to insulate your home. The foam filled aluminium roll formed slats are mounted on the outside of the window and provide protection from the sun during the summer keeping your home cool. They also provide an effective insulator for your windows during winter, keeping the heat inside your home, therefore reducing the need to consistently run your homes heater.

Window shutters also offer security as your windows are protected from any unwanted visitors.

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