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motors for shutters

Roller shutters offer a stylish way to cover your windows as well as being an effective way to insulate your home. The foam filled aluminium roll formed slats are mounted on the outside of the window and provide protection from the sun during the summer keeping your home cool. They also provide an effective insulator for your windows during winter, keeping the heat inside your home, therefore reducing the need to consistently run your homes heater.

Window shutters also offer security as your windows are protected from any unwanted visitors.


Mechanical (R8/17 C M – L120/11 C M)

The Mechanical motors are the most basic motors within our range. They offer control of the motor via a hard wired wall switch. These are commonly used on new homes where it is possible to run wires from the motor down to where the switch is to be located. You cannot run more than one motor from a single switch without the use of electronic relays when using a mechanical motor.

It is possible to connect a mechanical motor to a home automation system.

Electronic (R8/17 RP – R 40/17 RP)


The electronic motors are a more advanced hard wired product. The electronic motor offers a sensitive Obstacle detection when the shutter is moving in the down direction. This will ensure both the shutter and the motor is protected from damage if a window is left open or some other object blocks the shutter whilst it is moving down. Once the motor senses a blockage it will automatically shut off until the blockage can be removed.

The electronic limit also offers dynamic torque adjustment which enables the motor to adjust the end limits as there are changes in the roller shutter element. This also reduces the need for service calls to make these adjustments. These motors, due to an inbuilt switching relay, can have multiple motors wired to a single switch. The end limits are also simpler to program with the electronic motor through programming via an installation set carried by the installer.

Timers and sun sensors can also be used with these motors offering the ultimate in automation and comfort. They are commonly used when connecting your shutters to a BMS (Building Management System).

Wireless (R8/17 C PROF+ – R40/17 C PROF+)


The radio controlled motors are the most advanced motors in the range. Perfect for the renovation market where wiring to a switch can leave unsightly conduit or damage to walls and ceilings. Only 240v power is required to the point where the Roller Shutters is mounted, there is no wiring required to the control point. The shutter can then be operated by either a hand held or wall mounted remote control!

Easily programmable intermediate positions are available to the consumer. This allows you, the consumer, to set your own favourite sun position which is remembered each time you would like the blind operated. The radio controlled motors also offer dynamic torque adjustment which enables the motor to adjust the end limits as there are changes in the roller shutter element. This also reduces the need for service calls that are commonly required to make these adjustments.

Timers and sun sensors can be used with the PROF motors to allow automatic movement of the shutter. Whether it is by a preset time of day with a Becker timer or as the sun hits the window through a Becker sun sensor, your shutters can work even when you are not at home. This allows you the ultimate benefit of your window shutters. These sensors all communicate wirelessly with the motor, further reducing wiring requirements. The motors can also be connected to a BMS (Building Management System).