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Customer Enquiry


Q: Where does the motor go? Do I have to see it?
A: No. The motor is completely concealed inside the blind itself. You can't see it at all.
Q: Is it reliable? How often do I need to have it serviced?
A: Becker has been manufacturing motors such as this for over 40 years and is wholly manufactured in Germany. Becker offers a five year warranty on all motors installed in Internal and External Blinds as well as Roller Shutters. You do not have the motor serviced as it is a completely sealed unit!
Q: I am worried about the rising costs of electricity. Does the Becker motor use a lot of power?
A: The motor, when being used, will use approximately the same as a standard light, which is extremely little. It is also only used for two or three minutes each day. In fact it will help you reduce electrical costs. Both external and internal blinds help to keep the home cool so automating them with Becker motors allows you to use these blinds more effectively. This means you will need to use your air conditioning far less, reducing your electrical usage!
Q: Can I have the same remote control to run both my internal blinds as well as my external awnings?
A: Yes you can. Whilst the motors are different sizes and types, the remotes used are compatible with all motors.
Q: Will my neighbour's garage remote control interfere with Becker motors used in my blinds?
A: No they won't as Becker uses an interference free frequency (915.3 Mhz) and also uses a rolling code for extra security.
Q: Can I have the blinds operate automatically at a certain time of the day, even if I am not at home?
A: Yes you can through either a timer or a sun sensor. The timer allows you to pre-program the blinds to come down at a certain time of day as well as to go up at a time you program at the end of the day. The sun sensor will signal the blinds to come down as the sun hits the window as well as to send them back up as the sun moves away.
Q: What about if it is windy, how can we protect my awnings from getting damaged?
A: Using a wind sensor or a motion sensor will give some protection to your awnings if it becomes windy. They are designed to send the awnings back in once the wind reaches a level above a wind level that has been pre-programmed as acceptable.
*Please note these products are strongly advisable to be used to protect your awning from wind damage. However, they are not an unconditional guarantee. Due to the unpredictable nature of wind and stormy weather it is advisable to retract your awnings manually should you be aware of impending stormy weather!
Q: When I want to operate my blinds nothing is happening. Why won't they work?
A: The remote control has a battery in it that will last approximately two years. It is likely flat and needs to be replaced.
Q: When I operate my awning, I have to hold the down button down for it to take my awning out. However, to take it back in I only have to press the UP button once and it will go straight back in. Also the awning will retract every 15 – 20 minutes even when it is not windy. Why does it do this?
A: The batteries have gone flat in your motion sensor. As a warning to you that this is the case, the motor will do this. The motion sensor is located on the front rail of your awning inside a rectangular plastic case. Open it up and slide out the circuit board inside. It has two AAA batteries that you need to replace.
Q: The awning when I try to take it out only moves out a few centimetres and then closes straight back up. Why does it do this?
A: If you have a wind or motion sensor, either one has detected wind. It has now blocked off using your awning until the wind has dropped down.
Q: The awning goes back in when the wind is not very strong. Can I change this?
A: Yes, you can turn the wind threshold UP or DOWN from the remote control as the need arises. Please check your remote manual on how to do this.